Abigail Spencer

Abigail Spencer x Larsen & Lund

Abigail's Story:

I had never been to Coachella. Met Trina Turk. Or heard of The One Am Radio. But all three came into my orbit in one fell swoop on a balmy night at dinner in Palm Springs. I met The One Am Radio's Hrishikesh Hirway. We bonded over our love of Polica’s music, and that was it.

Little did I know that fateful night would lead to meeting his luminous wife Lindsey. I liked her immediately and was taken with her understated elegance and stylish ease. I was off on location when they surprised me with a Crossbody from Lindsey's love child Larsen & Lund. The cross body has been with me ever since, for travel, work, and school drop offs. It has been the perfect purse for my life on the go day or night. Everywhere I go people stop me and ask where I got the perfect crossbody bag. I came to Lindsey and selfishly wanted more options filled with dreams of Positano, everyday staples and whimsical statements. Thus our collaboration was born.